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I'm a writer who's just published a memoir: I'll Be There to Write the Story: a Mother-Daughter Journey Beyond Death. I'm also a potter who works out of a home-based studio with my husband. I'm interested in Nature (Earth), Spirituality (Air), Clay Art (Fire), and writing (Ink). I do intuitive art, also called automatic drawing, spontaneous art, visionary art, expressive art, and I find the process amazing. I write poetry and hang out with poets. I pay attention to synchronicities and believe that they help guide my life. I am interested in stories about women connecting with loved ones on the Other Side. Some of my friends have seen fairies--and I believe them. I have been part of a women's writing group that has been writing consistently every Monday for over ten years. I've studied various kinds of shamanism and find that it speaks to me about as well as anything.

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