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Recreating at The Royal Gorge

Jim had never been to the Royal Gorge, and I had not been there since 1986 . . . so you know a few things had changed. But not the canyon. Thank goodness the gorge had the good sense to stay put, except for maybe carving another fraction of an inch deeper. I took this picture of the gorge and bridge from inside the gondola.



Here’s a picture of the two of us inside our gondola cabin. There were 5 of us in here and the other couple took selfies with a phone but we needed their assistance to take our picture with my camera.



And here’s a telephoto picture I took later in the day from the bridge when the two gondolas were crossing. The gondola is free with the price of entering the park ($18 each for Jim and me).




We did not find the gondola ride scary. It is a brand new addition to the park, after a forest fire devastated most of the buildings two years ago. The visitor center has been rebuilt. A few buildings are still under construction.

While I could stomach the gondola ride and the incredible gorge bridge, the zip line across the abyss and a giant swing over the canyon felt overdone and even grotesque. But people were lining up for the adrenalin rush. Here’s a picture of the swing apparatus.



We watched while a man experienced the swing (not a free ride). He was trussed up and then pulled way up high and way back before being cut loose to swing over the gorge about 10 times. He was lowered slowly as he continued to swing until his handlers convinced him to grab a loop rope and dismount.




This is a tourist trap that I can endorse for families. Normally I would hate the Disneyland kind of abomination being done to a natural wonder. I cannot imagine this being done at the Grand Canyon or the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. But somehow it works at the Gorge. The Gorge bridge is something I think everyone (who is not terrified of heights) should experience. Walking across the canyon on that extraordinary bridge is unforgettable. The structure itself is an engineering feat that makes one appreciate all the great suspension bridges in our country.We walked across during a high wind and could feel the floor undulate slightly under our feet.




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